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What is Greener Pittsburgh?

GreenerPittsburgh.com is a location-based platform to connect people with greener products and services.

Who created and maintains Greener Pittsburgh?

Greener Pittsburgh was founded and created by entrepreneur Greg DiMedio, City Councilman William Peduto, and several key individuals and nonprofit partners. The site is now maintained by IzzitGreen Business Network and the Green Business bureau.

Is Greener Pittsburgh free?

Greener Pittsburgh offers a free listing and membership into the IzzitGreen Business Network.

I need technical assistance not listed here.

If you having trouble using Greener Pittsburgh, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Business and Organization Registration and Profile Management

How much does it cost to list my business or organization on Greener Pittsburgh?

Nonprofit organizations list for free. Businesses pay a listing fee starting at $5 a month, depending on their size. All businesses can try out the directory for free with a promo code. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask for one.

What’s an enhanced listing?

An enhanced listing places higher in search results and is highlighted to draw more attention. Enhanced listings also feature an image or logo in the search results, as well as preview text to entice users to click. Businesses can enhance their listings when registering, and both businesses and organizations can enhance their listing through the “manage subscription” link in their sustainability workspace.

How do I list my business or organization on Greener Pittsburgh?

Both businesses and organizations can click on the “List Your Business” button to start the registration process.

Who should maintain my Greener Pittsburgh listing?

Greener Pittsburgh listings are usually maintained by business owners, marketing directors, social media managers or anyone else working to communicate your message to the community.

I have more than one location; how many profiles do I need?

Because Greener Pittsburgh is a location-based platform, it’s important to have a separate listing for each location. Users often search for businesses near them, so you will want the storefront around the corner to have its own listing.

Can I delete a poor rating?

No. Ratings are an objective 1-5 scale. Your green card will display the average of all of your user ratings.

Can I delete a poor review?

Yes. Reviews are classified as questions, comments and traditional written reviews. To control spam and abuse, you are free to delete any reviews at any time.

How do I reply to user comments?

Click the “reply” button under the comment or review where it appears on your profile. Your company logo or profile image will appear next to your response, so users know that you’re responding.

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User Registration and Profile Management

Is it free to join Greener Pittsburgh as a user?

Yes! Joining Greener Pittsburgh.com as a user is always free.

How do I join Greener Pittsburgh?

Users can join Greener Pittsburgh by clicking on the “Join Now” link below the search bar.

What is the difference between rating and reviewing?

Ratings are the objective 1-5 sustainability score you give a business. Reviews are the written questions and comments posted on a business’s profile.

What should I consider when I rate a business?

The rating and reviewing process for Greener Pittsburgh businesses are focused on their sustainability efforts. If you are reviewing a bakery, steer your rating more toward their packaging and sustainable business practices, and less toward how yummy their cupcakes taste.

Why isn’t my review showing up?

Ratings are automatically posted and averaged with the ratings of other users. Written reviews, however, are subject to moderation to prevent abuse.

Can I review a business anonymously?

No. To keep the sustainability efforts of our region honest and transparent, we do not accept anonymous reviews. Ratings, however, are not publically attributed to the user.

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Greener Directory Search

I can’t find the business or organization I’m searching for, why not?

You can search for businesses or organizations by keyword (products or services they offer; causes they support) or by name. Make sure you’re spelling the name of the organization correctly, or that the keywords you’re searching for are listed on their profile.

It’s also possible that the business or organization you’re searching for has not yet listed on Greener Pittsburgh. Businesses and organizations are required to register on Greener Pittsburgh to have a listing. To see their Greener Pittsburgh profile, encourage them to list!

What does the business-to-business only check mean?

Some businesses only sell their products and services to other businesses. Checking the box while using the search function will allow only business-to-business results to appear.

How do I only find businesses and organizations near me?

Use your zip code in the Location field in the search box to find businesses and organizations in or near your zip code.

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Advertising and Sponsorship

What kinds of advertising and sponsorship opportunities are available with Greener Pittsburgh?

We offer several customizable advertising and sponsorship programs. Visit our advertising page to learn more or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to start reaching your target audience today.

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